About Us
Zone One Electrical Pty. Ltd.
The supply of Hazardous Location Electrical Equipment is a specialised line requiring care and dedication to detail.
After 34 years working in this industry with 2 companies, it was time to pursue the dream of doing
something I love being involved with but doing it for myself and my family.
On the 1st July 2004, Zone One Electrical Pty. Ltd. opened their doors for what was hoped to be a small step forward.
After a couple of months of slow but steady trading, the phones started to ring more regularly.
These days, after 12 years, the phone might as well be part of the body as that's what it feels like.
Thankfully, we are able to state that there are friends in business.  We are blessed with a good bunch of
clients and equally good bunch of suppliers.
After 45 years in this industry, being involved in various industry sub-committees, being lucky enough to serve
as State President of the Petroleum Industry Contractors Association _- Victoria Tasmania ( PICA Vic-Tas ),
and getting involved technically on a daily basis with a wide variety of clients, I cannot think of anything more
satisfying than being able to say, "Yes, we can fix that " constantly.
Zone One Electrical are there to help as many people as possible with their unique applications.
Zone One Electrical is pleased to announce that we are the proud new Australian agents for Peppers Cable Glands.