Zone One Electrical Pty. Ltd.
New Australian Agents For Peppers Cable Glands

In November 2013, Zone One Electrical became the Australian agent for Peppers Cable Glands from the UK.
Our business association with this supplier is a very important step into the future.
Peppers are now manufacturing a very comprehensive range of  Thread Convertors and other conduit fittings.
What sets their products aside from others is their ultimate goal of manufacturing a top class product without
sacrificing quality for price.  All their brass and stainless steel fittings are made in the UK from UK metal.
Importantly, all parts sold are suitably certified for the requirements of different countries around the world.
Zone One Electrical, with over 40 years experience in this field, proudly state that we know a fair bit about the
varying threads encountered in this industry.   Most importantly, we are sure that we have one of the biggest and
varying stock holding in the Australia.   Now that's a big statement but our clients constantly tell us so.
Apart from Thread Convertors, Peppers also manufacture a very comprehensive range of Cable Glands.
Our industry requires glands that are high quality, fully certified and most importantly, user friendly.
For this, Peppers have continued the improvement over the years to ensure that ground gained in this industry
is not lost over a period of time.
The use of Silicon and PTFE to achieve high temperature glanding has highlighted Peppers Glands to be able to come up with a solution for extreme low to very high temperatures.  When looking for a good quality gland, why compromise.
Zone One Electrical is pleased to announce that we are the proud new Australian agents for Peppers Cable Glands.